Get your hands on all the magic NFT CARDS

The New Era of Gaming

Discover over 600+ magical NFTs, get your hands on epic, legendary and heroic cards.

Fight battles with your own NFTs.

Mint your NFT for only 25 MATIC (Polygon)

*Currently we only support Metamask wallets






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Base concept

NFT collector and battler game

Discover and collect over 600+ magical NFTs, mint your NFTs, which are randomly generated according to the type of card and its rarity. 

Collect, exchange, or fight with your NFTs against other players.

You can check your NFTs on NFT buying and selling sites (Opensea, Rarible, etc).


Rarity Levels

Heroic Cards

Only 1 Card per Deck

Unique Heroic Card Frame Design

Legendary Cards

Only 5 Cards per Deck

Unique Legendary Card Frame Design

Epic Cards

Only 20 Cards per Deck

Unique Epic Card Frame Design

Very Rare Cards

150 Cards per Deck

30 Unique Cards with 5 Card Frame Design Variations

Rare Cards

200 Cards per Deck

40 Unique Cards with 5 Card Frame Design Variations

Common Cards

275 Cards per Deck

55 Unique Cards with 5 Card Frame Design Variations


Card Elements

Fire Element

Water Element

Poison Element

Infinity Element

Light Element



Deck Creation and Distribution

Let’s get started! The idea is to launch a first initial deck of NFTs “Fire & Despair”, which are always distributed randomly by minting them through this website. Once about 50% of the NFTs of this first deck have been mined, we move on to the next phase!

Creation of more NFT decks

New Decks Creation

The goal is to create and distribute more NFTs, aiming at having a considerable amount of cards in order to allow players to have enough variety and types of cards in the future. The main idea is to continue and create Water, Poison, Infinity and Light decks, in order to complete a total of 5 decks with a total of 3255 NFTs.

Planning, creation and launch of the game

Planning, Creation and Launch of the Game

Throughout the creation process, the idea is to develop the game as the necessary NFTs are created to provide better gameplay. During the start and development, reports and surveys will be uploaded to the website so that players can participate in functionalities or dynamics of the game, and thus make together a little magic in the chain.

Support the Project

Thanks to you we can continue to grow and continue with the adventure! 

You can help us by minting your own NFTs or donating whatever you want to any of the following addresses.

ERC20 Address 

(MATIC Polygon, Ethereum, USDC)

Copy Address